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Jan. 18th, 2010

So part of my New Years thing is to declutter and simplify my life. Over the past few weeks I've been "spring cleaning". A lot of it is letting go of the past -- for example, getting rid of a good 20+ years of journals, letters, yearbooks, etc. A big step for me. While cleaning out my closets, I found many, many MAC bags with the little empty makeup boxes in them. I have NO idea why I kept these. I think I stopped doing it about a year ago. Anyway, here's a picture of about a year & a half's-worth of MAC boxes:

There are receipts in there too. Not all of them. I threw a lot out. But the ones I found in the bags I added up to a grand total of $5,335.12 (and that's not all of them, plus it includes my 40% discount). Instead of offering perspective, it just makes me want to go shopping at MAC! *haha* Yeah, I'm probably crazy but I don't care.

I'm not getting rid of any of my MAC. I thought I would but I don't want to.
I will be going through my bookshelves soon and getting rid of some books. My shelves are looking too cluttered, time for a weeding. Same with clothes. I've done some but not all. Anything old/faded/whatever goes. I'm trying to keep emotional attachments out of the process.

It's important to let go. Otherwise you end up living in the past and clinging to things that were over 20 years ago and what's the point of that?? More important to focus your attention forward. :)


Jan. 18th, 2010 06:18 pm (UTC)
You're mad! Mad I say!

You're Mac madder than Mad Mac MacMad, winner of last year's Mad Scottman competition.

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